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Automated Floating Capture Form
Build Your List Automatically... Easily have an Unlimited number of forms that suddenly appear on top of any website to capture the contact information of your prospects.  
Anyone viewing this, can easily share with just 1 click- creating a LOT more exposure
  • This form helps automate the capturing of a website visitors contact information
  • This form can be put on an unlimited # of websites (including Social Media sites) or on any page on any website
This One feature Alone is Easily Worth $1 a Day But You Get Everything Below All For the Same Low Price!
Automated Email Campaign System
Totally Automated follow-up.
  • Create an Unlimited Number of Email Campaigns
  • A specific KaratBar autoresponder campaign is pre-loaded
  • Full rich text editor in our email system for total customization
  • KaratBar Specific Email templates are included for your own campaigns
  • Choose from a library of other 'eye popping' email templates
Most People Pay $20-$30 (or Much More) Per Month, Just For An Email Marketing Service. This is Just 1 of the Many Features you'll receive for One Low Price!
Powerful Contact Management System
 All of your prospect's information will automatically be uploaded into your 'Contact Management System'.
  • Rate prospects, take notes, schedule appointments
  • Get email reminders for your appointments & So Much More
  • Efficient follow up... The fortune is in the follow up!
Audio & Video Postcard System
  Experts say Audio & Video get 3-5 times the results of typical email. You can use our library of Audio/Video postcards or easily create your own  
  • Great way to send video messages
  • Professionally created KaratBar Custom Movies included
  • Each postcard creates its own unique URL
  • Easily included in emails or social media postings
  • Includes clickable text you can edit and direct to ANY website
Unlimited Lead Capture Page Creator
Many Templates Styles to Choose From
Use our simple point and click Lead Capture Page Creator to Create an Unlimited Number of Lead Capture pages.   
  • Chose from a wide variety different style templates
  • Simple step by step creation process
  • Easy to follow instructional videos for all our features
  • Great for marketing different offers, target marketing, and personal branding
  • Very effective for Search Engine Optimization
  • Blank template for advanced users who can create their own capture pages from scratch
Viral Video Library
 Choose from a library of Funny, Entertaining, Newsworthy, and Inspirational videos that you can send as a link in an email.
  • Shared in the same way people forward emails
  • Creates Viral Exposure for your business
  • Videos can be viewed on top of your member website
  • Captures viewers contact information building a big list
  • Viewers can Share with a click of a button
  • Custom KaratBar Movie choices available
Ad Tracking
Track your ads Online AND Offline to see what’s working and what isn’t working. If you're not tracking your ads, then you might as well be burning your money! 
  • Create an unlimited # of ads
  • Track exactly how many people clicked on your link
  • Track how many filled out their information on your website
  • See how effective your marketing efforts are working for you
  • Stop wasting money on ineffective ads…this could save you 1000's!
Unlimited Sub-Domain Name Creation
 Create an unlimited number of sub domains to point to any advertisement, web-page, or banner- for ad tracking.   
  • Allows you to point an unlimited # of sub-domains to an unlimited # of websites
  • Create an unlimited # of Sub domains for FREE
  • Gives you great flexibility in your marketing
  • Assign placement to a different KaratBar downline member for every one created
Valuable Content to Give Away to Capture More Contacts
 We provide Lead Capture Pages that give away valuable content for free. This will help you add value and give people a compelling reason to give you their contact information. 
Viral Electronic ECards
 Use our library of ECards that will be forwarded virally with our YOUR information for many eyes to see.
 Access to our Private 'Members Only' Training Area with invaluable resources to help you attract more prospects to your business.   
  • We have spent over $200,000 over the last 20 years on training materials
  • Gathered valuable information from world's top marketers
  • Valuable Training from personal development experts
  • New content added to our training area regularly
Q. I have more than one downline member I'd like to 'build' under... am I able to do this?
A. Absolutely. Your KaratBar system allows you to create an unlimited amount of lead capture pages. You have the additional ability to assign a different 'KaratBar username' to each one. You can also track each lead from which page they came from.
Q. Why should I use your service?
A. Our website does most of the telling and selling for you. It sorts prospects (with our survey form) so you only spend time with serious people thereby increasing your success. It automatically follows up with serious prospects saving you time and impressing them. It provides tremendous training and marketing tools to help you be successful ... and much more!
Q. Is there any start up cost?
A. None at all ... its even FREE for the first 7 days.
Q. How can I get my website FREE each month?
A. Just refer 3 other distributors in your company who become a paying member of our service. Every month you have at least 3 your service is FREE that month. It can even be the same 3 people each month thereby making your service FREE month after month etc.
Q. Is there any contract?
A. None at all ... you can discontinue at any time.
Q. How many emails can I send a month?
A. You can send 30,000 emails with your monthly subscription ... you can always send more if you'd like at a small additional charge.
Q. Where can I get leads?
A. You can purchase leads through the back office of our website (we are not a lead provider but give you access to lead companies). These Lead Vendors are "Approved Vendors" meaning they don't purchase or sell leads they sell you to any other lead vendor. This is important as it will help protect you from spam complaints.
Q. What is the monthly membership to have my own website?
A. Just $29.95 per month and you can easily get it FREE forever!
Mike Lewis
Former President
Multi-Level Marketing Association

"As a successful Distributor, Company Owner, International Consultant to Network Marketing Companies and Corporate Executive, I have seen and participated in every aspect of training for our Industry.

In my 17 years as a professional in this industry, one fundamental truth remains .... it has been almost impossible to develop or use any training program that produces consistent and long term results ... Not because of the lack of quality or content in the training, but because of a lack of an effective way to deliver it so distributors can learn, retain and ACT upon what they have learned.

The Virtual Office program offered by Priceless Possibilities is a blend of pure genius and technology that I believe will revolutionize the way the industry functions."

Eugene Argent, CA
"I'm absolutely delighted by what you've done because I am interested in people being successful. To me, the keys to being successful are work hard, staying focused, and developing technique. The development of technique is something we've overlooked and, until now, haven't had the technology to really help people in this area. What's so exciting about the Virtual Office is that we now have the ability to easily share ideas and concepts.

A leader may have developed or perfected a technique but didn't have the ability to share this knowledge with other members of their organization, that is, until now. What I'm seeing from your Virtual Office is that we can actually archive new concepts and technologies, new techniques and thought processes that we can share with other people in our organization. That is absolutely profound."

Phil Hilliard
"My background is in information technologies. One of the huge advances was being able to have what we call a centralized database, so you are not duplicating information and effort over and over again. The Virtual Office allows you to make changes and modifications in one place that everyone can take advantage of and this is a huge time saver.

You really are not aware of all of the resources that are available, and often times only through national events and the networking that goes there, do you realize that things even exist. So, having this centralized repository of information is huge."

Justin Clark, MD

"Boy, looking at that Virtual Office, it has so many different features that can really bring your team training, and your ability to communicate with your entire team, up to the 21st century.

I feel like I'm getting to a point where I'm going to put down my flint rock and stone axe and actually get into what's capable with the Internet. This Virtual Office is an incredible meeting ground for your whole group.

You've got instant communications, instant audio, and instant training there for your whole team to see at the push of a button. It's just absolutely amazing."

MANY New Features to Come
 We are always working on adding new features as well as enhancing existing features at NO additional cost! We welcome your suggestions and would love to hear what you would like to see from us.  
  • Currently working on capture pages for mobile devices
  • Currently working on integrating text message marketing

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