KaratBar is Trademarked Brand
Largest Manufacturer of 1 gram Bullion
Founded By Harald Seiz
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A revolution was started in late 2011 when Harald Seiz helped brand and trademark the name KaratBar creating KaratBars International.

The term 'KaratBar' is now a 'trademarked brand' with offices in Germany, Europe, Belize, Asia, and Thailand.

KaratBars have quickly become a huge success with thousands of customers all over the world.

With KaratBars already being accepted and recognized worldwide as real currency, they're poised to soon become a household name...

... and it's already happening...

KaratBars International is currently the largest manufacturer of 1 gram gold bullion bar in the world.

They operate under German/European laws, assuring both customers and distributors the highest level of security and responsibility.

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